Used Cooking Oil

An environmentally friendly and sustainable lifecycle

By making Biogold™ from used cooking oils, we are able to correctly dispose of the oils, which are a significant waste management issue for our cooking industry, and create an environmentally friendly fuel. We process the oil in New Zealand, a better option than transporting it offshore for processing and use. Our advanced logistics system co-ordinates oil collection locally, consolidates cargo regionally and ships nationally to ensure efficient transport methods.
Recycling and Collecting Used Cooking Oil

UCO_Tanks_007_2If you simply require a Used Cooking Oil collections service, Biodiesel New Zealand Ltd can arrange for a state of the art collection container to be set up at your premises which one of our drivers will empty on a schedule to suit you.

The collection containers are tough, environmentally responsible and easy to use, making the job of disposing of used cooking oil much more convenient for you. We will also supply you with a poster to put up inside your premises so you can brag to your customers about your top notch recycling efforts!

If you would like to talk to us about our Used Cooking Oil Collection Service, in the North Island please contact Lindsay McCallum on 027 293 3903 or email , or in the South Island please contact Dean Weastell on 03 345 6294 or email him at .


However, if you require a full service provider (supply, cleaning and collection), our partner Cookright Kitchen Services provides an oil collection service to businesses such as hotels, restaurants, institutional organisations (eg hospitals, universities, army bases, flight caterers, clubs), larger hotels/motels and take-away restaurants using deep frying cooking vats.

They also provide a vat cleaning service as well as selling a wide range of quality vegetable cooking oils to the retail food and catering industries. Cookright collects and refines cookings oils to meet Biogold™ biodiesel production standards.

If you would like to recycle your Used Cooking Oil as well as receive a first rate cleaning and supply service, please get in touch with your local Cookright franchisee on 0800 828 626.