Running Biodiesel

Once you change to Biodiesel you can always put normal petroleum diesel in your tank at any time. The fuels will always mix safely.

Biodiesel New Zealand’s fuel can be run in almost any diesel vehicle.

To ensure your satisfaction, however, we insist that after the third tank of Biodiesel, you change your fuel filter. Because of Biodiesel’s cleaning characteristics, any old build-up in the tank or fuel lines (including any rust) will be broken free by the new fuel and can collect in the fuel filter. By replacing the filter after the third tank, users avoid a potential lack of power and starting difficulties.

Older-style (rubber) fuel lines and injector pump seals may also fail but this should not happen to any vehicle that has had its pump seals replaced in the last two-to-three years. As a general rule, the fuel can be safely run in any vehicle later than 1987 models as they will have Vitrol seals and hoses.

Biodiesel New Zealand blends its fuel for the current climatic conditions. If you are planning on higher altitude work or traveling in other extreme weather areas, please ask us if the fuel will be suitable.