Growing Oilseed Rape

Brassica napus, commonly known as oilseed rape (OSR), is a bright yellow-flowering member of the brassicaceae family (the mustard or cabbage family of plants).  People often see the crop and assume it must be Canola, which initially was a brand name but is now generally used to describe the category of oil.

Most of Biodiesel New Zealand’s OSR is grown through forward contracts with farmers throughout New Zealand, on both irrigated and non-irrigated properties.  Forward contracts are made available in the months leading up to the autumn and spring sowing windows.
OSR is a safe, sustainable, renewable biofuel crop which Biodiesel New Zealand uses to produce BioGoldTM biodiesel.  We transport the harvested crop to our facility near Christchurch where we dry, store and extract virgin Canola Oil from the seed.  Our OSR also produces a high-protein animal feed as part of the seed pressing process.

Biodiesel New Zealand’s agronomy team provides on-farm agronomic advice and works closely with merchants to ensure our growers are supported throughout the growing season.  To encourage best practice, we facilitate grower groups within regions, providing opportunities for farmers to meet every few months to discuss crop progress and share their experiences.