Canola Meal

Canola meal is the co-product in the extraction of oil from oilseed rape (canola). Canola meal is one of the most widely used protein sources in animal feeds. It has an excellent amino acid profile and it’s rich in vitamins and essential minerals. It is palatable and non-toxic. Oilseed rape is grown worldwide for food oil, biofuels and animal feed, particularly in Australia, Canada and Europe. Locally, oilseed rape is providing a sustainable part of crop rotation options for New Zealand’s arable farmers. Biodiesel New Zealand uses mechanical cold-pressing for oil extraction to preserve the quality of the resulting oil and meal.
Why Use Canola Meal?

Canola meal is proven worldwide. It is second only to soybean meal in terms of traded volumes and as such a considerable amount of research, analysis and experience surrounds its use. It is commonly used in pig, dairy and beef cattle, poultry, and speciality diets.

Canola meal contains a significant mid level protein source at around 34% of dry matter. The protein is relatively degradable, making it useful when feeding low protein, highly fermentable feeds such as maize or whole crop cereal silages, or grain.

Canola meal has a well balanced amino acid profile, with notably high levels of methionine and cystine as a proportion of crude protein. This makes it an excellent complementary protein in diets otherwise low in these amino acids.

Canola meal is a good source of minerals compared with other oilseed meals, particularly rich in phosphorous, important for production and fertility.

The cold pressing process used by Biodiesel New Zealand, rather than solvent extraction, preserves protein quality and digestibility, which can be reduced when processing temperatures are too high for too long. Also, because of the higher residual oil/fat content, the meal has much higher levels of metabolisable (13Mj/kg+), digestible and net energy (for yield), as well as the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid.

Biodiesel New Zealand is proud to offer meal made in New Zealand from locally sourced, certified GMO free oilseed rape. Canola meal is an important co-product in the sustainable production of Biogold fuel which is helping to reduce our reliance on imported energy and animal feeds, and improving future supply security.

If you would like to know more about feeding Canola Meal to your cattle, chicken or pigs, please contact Gerard Dodds.

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