Biogold ™ biodiesel
What is Biogold™ biodiesel?

Biogold™ biodiesel is only made from canola-based vegetable oils, including a proportion of locally-grown virgin canola oil. This, combined with our careful screening and testing of used cooking oil, means Biogold™ biodiesel meets the exacting European biofuel standards, a step up from the New Zealand Engine Fuel Specification Regulations.

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Every tank of Biogold™ biodiesel we produce carries independently tested fuel certification.
Where do I get Biogold™ biodiesel?

We provide bulk tanker supply directly to the storage tanks of our customers’ businesses and organisations, or direct to vehicles throughout New Zealand. In Christchurch and Queenstown, we have easy-access refuelling stations. Partner distributors also have additional fuel facilities at various locations around the country.