Biodiesel Benefits

Why change to Biogold™ biodiesel?

Switching to more sustainable fuel options has become more important in recent times as our awareness of the impacts of global fossil fuel use grows.  The biodiesel component of Biogold™ biodiesel is made from used cooking oil and oilseed rape, grown specifically for Biogold™ biodiesel production, making Biogold™ biodiesel a great renewable fuel source.

For every tonne of used cooking oil provided to make Biogold™ biodiesel, New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are reduced by at least two tonnes when compared to using mineral diesel.  It also helps clear the air, reducing particulate emissions by up to 50%.

Other Biogold™ biodiesel advantages include:

  • less hazardous exhaust emissions, including a significant reduction in the visible smoke when high-blend proportions of Biogold™ biodiesel are used.
  • a reduction in engine noise
  • improved fuel lubricity, providing added protection to fuel-injection components
  • less hazardous to the environment in the event of a spill as Biogold™ biodiesel NZ100 (100% biodiesel) is non-hazardous and degrades quickly
  • for these reasons, biodiesel is a much safer and simpler fuel to store and handle than traditional mineral diesel truck